Jul 8, 2011

Maryland Voters to Decide Immigrant Tuition Law

Opponents of a new law that gives undocumented immigrants in-state tuition discounts at Maryland’s public colleges have gathered enough signatures to suspend the law and force a statewide referendum, election officials said Thursday.

Under the law, undocumented immigrants who can prove that they have attended Maryland high schools for at least three years and that their parents or guardians have begun paying taxes were to have been allowed to begin courses this fall at community colleges at in-state rates. The measure was approved in the closing hours of this year’s legislative session after years of failed attempts.

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Record Low Migration From Mexico

In what could be an historic event, the number of unauthorized immigrants coming from Mexico to the United States has fallen drastically in recent years—dropping from 525,000 annually in 2000-2004 to fewer than 100,000 in 2010. In fact, unauthorized immigration from Mexico has dropped to a net rate of zero—meaning that the number of new migrants entering the United States each year is roughly equal to the number who leave or die. That is one of the central conclusions to emerge from new research by the Mexican Migration Project (MMP) at Princeton University and the Universidad de Guadalajara.

The MMP also found that the vast majority of unauthorized Mexican immigrants already in the United States are not returning to Mexico. This calls into question the effectiveness of the “attrition through enforcement” strategy promoted by restrictionists, in which SB 1070-style laws are passed in an attempt to forcefully persuade unauthorized immigrants to “self-deport.” The findings of the MMP suggest that now might be an ideal time to implement immigration reform that includes a legalization program for unauthorized immigrants living in the United States. Read more here

Oct 28, 2010

Arizona’s Immigration Law Report Reveals Private Prison Industry Ties to Legislation

An investigative report by National Public Radio today sheds light on the behind-the-scenes effort to help draft and pass Arizona’s immigration law SB1070 by the private prison industry. Private prison corporations like the Corrections Corporation of America, the Geo Group and Management and Training Corporation have funneled tens of thousands of dollars to the 30 legislative co-sponsors of SB 1070.

Think Progress also highlighted reports that the billion-dollar Corrections Corporation of America — the largest private prison company in the country has directed money to legislators sponsoring Arizona-like immigration bills across the country. Following is a statement by Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, a non-partisan, non-profit, pro-immigrant advocacy organization in Washington.

“Today’s revelations show that immigrant detention in America is not driven by justice but by the private prison industry looking to make a buck off the imprisonment of nannies and landscapers. Taxpayer money is being used to expand and establish a steady source of income for the prison industrial complex which is clearly benefiting from a broken immigration system that feeds immigrants into the detention system.

The true motives behind the controversial Arizona’s immigration law were not about increasing security or addressing Arizona’s immigration problems, the goal was to enhance the prison industry’s bottom line.

We cannot simply detain and deport our way out of our immigration problem. This report should sound the alarm bells over the urgent need to restore order, integrity and accountability to our immigration system.

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